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"Once you 

know loss, you've got nothing

to lose anymore."





Transformational Coaching

Holistic Mentorship

Small Business Counseling

At the age of 32, completely head over heals in love, just having married my best friend and wonderful lover, Gillian,
I all of a sudden, I lost her in an unfortunate car accident on our honeymoon.

My world turned upside down. The pain was unbearable. There was nothing that made sense anymore. Nothing that would give me any sort of meaning. All that was left was an excruciating feeling of loss and loneliness as well as a deep sense of wanting to die as well.

That is when I lost my innocent belief that the world is inherently good, that life is predictable, controllable and safe...

"My only option 

was to numb

myself and stop feeling."

In hope to no longer feel that big black hole in the middle of my chest, I ran off and started to travel the world.
I sold all my business shares, left my family and friends and went on many crazy adventures. I exposed myself to dangerous situations more than once as I felt that dying wasn’t so bad and in fact a pretty lucrative option.
I was fearless, unapologetic and willing to risk it all.

I back-packed and travelled through more than 30 countries, stayed in the best 5-star-hotels, rode a dirt-bike through India and Cambodia, went on night-dives in the most beautiful protected parts of the ocean or had orgies and nights full of drugs and alcohol. Whatever I did, nothing did the job to numb my pain and the feeling of being lost persisted...

"You can't

run away from

your pain,

you have

to fu**king

face it!"

At one point, I realised that if I wanted to live a meaning- and purposeful life, I had to turn things around. I had to
turn inwards, take full responsibility and start my healing process. I ran from one workshop to another, always hoping to feel more bliss and happiness and less of that deep-rooted pain of loneliness and emptiness.

Every workshop, retreat or course brought me some relief but it never really lasted. It was not until I fully allowed
and  immersed myself into feelings behind the pain of it all that things really started to change. But....


It's so much bigger than you think!


See, losing my wife was not the only thing that made me so miserable. It was the beginning, the stirring up, the awakening of long-dormant much older feelings I had carried inside of myself. It is all connected. To me, one thing became very clear; we all carry an ocean of repressed pain and sadness, rage, anger, frustration, shame or desperation for different and various reasons and I think that healing these wounds is no longer optional, it's a must.

If we want to be the biggest and boldest most empowered and real version of ourselves, we gotta do whatever it takes to become more free emotionally. That is what I am here to do; help you do the much needed deep inner healing work so you can go on and be shamelessly you, in all of your glory and imperfection. What if I could show you how to get yourself back? How to step up and no longer compromise on your purpose, dreams and goals?
How to truly achieve emotional and physical wellbeing, enjoy intimate and meaningful relationships and how to turn your ideas into gold.

Leveraging your passion, talents and ideas is very important for a fulfilling and joyful life. Personally, I started my first business at the age of 23 and made my first million at the age of 35. I learned it all the hard way which allows me now to show you some very precious shortcuts.


What I am most passionate about is to help people expand their being, let go of anything that no longer serves them and put them back into their hearts. Working with me means to completely upgrade your level of consciousnes and you will act in utter integrity where you say what you feel and you feel what you say...

The feeling

is the healing!

We have a duty as men in 2020 and that is to show up as the authentic, (com)passionate, trustworthy and present masculine force that lives life in full integrity towards yourself and also the people around you.

No more cheating, lying, hiding, manipulating and pretending. We are all sick of it. It surely is a life-long journey, it is a beautiful one and I hope that you will allow me to support you on walking yours. I really look forward to getting to know you!



Here is how you can work with me:




Coaching, Counselling & Mentorship



Experience the powerful transformational coaching. Dan takes you into the deepest levels of your heart and soul to re-connect with You.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, 

in this coaching you'll achieve the most epic transformation and emotional liberation.

Individual, Couple and Group Coaching available.

Just reach out to: 




Workshops & Retreats



Experience one of our signature live workshops or retreats where we take you on a "deep-dive" transformational journey back into the deepest wisdom of your heart and soul.

Royal Path Retreats are a time-out from the mundane world and a deep dive into personal growth and healing for both couples and individuals who aspire to take their life and relationships to the next level.

Read more in detail:






This membership is for those who are ready to overcome love addiction and instead create a self-empowered life.

You will be joining a bigger group of members and the approach is a little less personal than the one just below.





Exclusive Group Coaching Membership



This exclusive group coaching membership

is limited to only 8 committed people per group. It is for those who are ready to overcome love addiction and instead create

a self-empowered life but with a smaller and more personal approach.


We'll be leveraging the incredible value of triggers and help each other heal by holding space for the feelings we experience behind the trigger. 

Exposure is key. There is great art in holding space and that is what we are exploring here together.

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