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Worldclass Mentoring.

Exceptional Transformation.

Outstanding Coaching.

Exceptional Transformation.

Aleah Ava helps couples and individuals navigate through the inevitable challenges love and relationships bring to the surface.


Love can be the most wonderful, heart-opening and nourishing wonder giving that touch of magic to our experience called life. Love, however can also be the most devastating and challenging obstacle breaking your heart into a thousand pieces. 

Almost nothing is as hard as intimately and successfully relating with other people. One of the reasons why it is so hard is that love is often mistaken merely for a dependency or even an addiction. What we have been taught about love to be true has often nothing to do with love.


Relationships are a catalyst for mutual growth and healing. Sooner or later, when intimately relating with someone else, we have no other way but to deal with what it brings up in ourselves. The so called "triggers" - when leveraged - shed immeasurable value and insight into where we have been wounded and the parts that need healing.

When such triggers are activated, it gets difficult to navigate through these upheavals so we might dismiss the other person, believing that they are not the right fit for us. And in many cases that might be true. You do not need to stay with someone that is clearly not doing you any good, let alone is abusive in any form.

However, too often we forget that these triggers and upheavals are our compass to understanding, healing and growth. We might miss the chance to learn the lessons, thinking that moving on will give us what we are actually looking for. There is no question that some people might be a better fit for us than others. However, if we move on because we don't want to do the work or are simply unable to see that there is a chance for healing, we will inevitably face the same challenges over and over again. This will keep happening until we are ready to look at which parts in ourselves contribute to what is not working in the first place.

Is it Love or is it Love Addiction?

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"Aleah doesn’t just listen; she connects wholeheartedly with your story and your emotions, her energy calms you, and once you are calm and ready to listen and move forwards, she uses her experiential wisdom and natural empowering spirit to enable you to guide yourself through the most challenging of times and situations".

Kate B., York, United Kingdom

"Through our many coaching sessions she ignited a life-changing transformation that she keeps supporting whenever I need it. She is a true inspiration for me and her vast experiences contribute to getting me out of my comfort zone in many ways. Her way of coaching and leading is caring, loving as well as impactful".

Béatrice I., Zurich, Switzerland

"Aleah’s story and work inspired me so much that I feel very compelled to dig even deeper and really work on creating amazing relationships all around me. I haven’t come across anyone who holds the space in such pure love like Aleah does. It really allows me to dare to express my feelings and work through them with her support. I am very grateful for the work she does, as in my opinion it’s very much needed for many of us."

Lisa, T., London, United Kingdom

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Coaching & Mediation



Experience the powerful intuitive love, feeling and relationship coaching. Aleah takes you into the deepest levels of your heart and soul to re-learn the language of your heart.

Whether you are single or in a relationship,

in this coaching you'll achieve the most epic transformation and emotional liberation.

Individual, Couple and Group Coaching available. Just reach out to:


Workshops & Retreats


Experience Aleah in a live workshop or retreat where she takes you on a "deep-dive" transformational journey back into the deepest wisdom of your heart.

Royal Path Retreats are a time-out from the mundane world and a deep dive into personal growth and healing for both couples and individuals who aspire to take their life and relationships to the next level.





This membership is for those who are ready to overcome love addiction and instead create a self-empowered life.

You will be joining a bigger group of members and the approach is a little less personal than the one just below.


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The healing


Exclusive group coaching membership



This exclusive group coaching membership

is limited to only 8 committed people per group. It is for those who are ready to overcome love addiction and instead create a self-empowered life but with a smaller and more personal approach.


We'll be leveraging the incredible value of triggers and help each other heal by holding space for the feelings we experience behind the trigger. 

Exposure is key. There is great art in holding space and that is what we are exploring here together.

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