The Royal Path Presents: 

The Royal Couple

An exclusive and luxurious couple's retreat in authentic Italy

with Aleah Ava, Dan Hart & Team

We cordially invite you to a

unique and unforgettable experience

where you will deepen your relationship

and reconnect with your partner

in a luxurious Italian home

- away from home.

Villa Olivo

September 12 - 19, 2020

Le Marche (near Ancona) - Italy

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Would you like to learn how to:

Create the deepest possible level of intimacy

between you and your partner?

Make your relationship your fountain of inspiration,

emotional fulfillment and true happiness?

Trust your partner like never before?

Learn about the art of eroticism and conscious sexuality?


Cultivate a conscious and awakened relationship

built on honesty and authenticity?

Revive your naturally orgasmic body?

"A successful marriage

requires falling in love many times,

but always with the same person."

Mignon McLaughlin

WHY? Because We Want To Enable You To Battle Modern Relationship Challenges!

Relationships are the magic of life. And yet, almost nothing is as hard as intimately and successfully relating with our chosen one. Healthy, mature compassionate love and relationships are about mutual growth and healing. Sooner or later, when intimately relating with someone else, we have no other way but to deal with what it brings up in ourselves.


When these so-called triggers get activated, it gets very difficult to navigate through the upheavals they might bring. None of us have learned how to pro-actively and successfully deal with these challenges which is why we need to uplevel our relationship skills and make it one of our top priorities.

Many of our clients describe similar issues that keep them from experiencing the most powerful and intimate relationship they possibly can. Maybe you recognise some of them?

"Our life is too much about practicalities and not enough about passion and lightness!"

"It seems like we have no dedicated couple's-space, it's mostly about kids or other duties..."

"Sexual attraction has become very low. We don't really have sex so much anymore."

"I feel like I am not getting my needs met and I am not even sure I am aware of my own or my partners needs."

"We have a serious communication problem! We often end up fighting or arguing in a way that creates more disconnection instead of harmony!"

"Our relationship is great because we often make space for ourselves, so this week is perfect!"

No matter where you are at, as long as you have a true longing for growing closer with your partner, in one way or another, this week is here to do just that. 

Want to know more about what we will be doing in this week? Scroll further down for an outline of how the week will look like! If you prefer the short version, keep reading:

We Will Teach You The 5 Keys

To Relationship Mastery:

Relational Intelligence

Authentic & Vulnerable Intimacy

The Art Of Eroticism

Conscious Sexuality

Orgasmic Aliveness

Your Investment

The price includes:

5* Accommodation

(7 nights)

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Workshop, Meditations, Teachings & Coachings

Outdoor Activities

Surprises &

Welcome Package

Not included:

Travel costs

EUR 5'700/couple

(EUR 2'850 per person)

Why should you work with us?


All members of our team are deeply curious and courageous beings. We have walked and are con-tinuously walking the path of healing and growth for almost 2 decades now and it has brought us to the deepest of the deepest waters.

We know about everything we teach from our own experiences and having gone that deep ourselves is what allows us today to not only show you the short-cut, but to take you deep with us. We have an incredible capacity to guide you through the most challenging feelings and help you expand your comfort zone as we are holding a safe and loving space for you to explore wherever it is that you need to go. We never let you sit on emotional discomfort but instead offer very clear and powerful ways for you to work through any upheaval you or your partner might experience. Your personal boundaries will be respected at all times and we will never push you to go to places you are not open or willing to go. We undoubtedly work on the basis of consent and respect and empower your NO always.

But please, do not take it from us, hear it from our clients:

Ask yourself this:

Do you want to feel more real and heart-centred attraction

and desire for your partner? 

Do you want to get to know your partner on an

even deeper level and see them show up in the rawest

and most authentic version of themselves?

Do you miss having fun in bed and make each other laugh

until your bellies hurt?

Do you want to create deeper intimacy and up-level your relationship and communication skills?

Do you want to feel more in your heart, sex and soul 

and experience your naturally orgasmic body?

If you say yes to any of these questions, we invite

you to a confidential and personal call with us:

Are you ready to Join us in Italy for a truly 

unique and powerful experience? 

Then feel free to get in touch as applications 

are now open:

We can't wait to spend this time with you!

Reach out today:

Aleah Ava & Dan Hart

Creators of


Emotional Liberation & 

Signature Deep Healing Retreats

Want to know more? Read on...

Villa Olivo - Your home for a week

We have chosen an absolutely unrivalled luxurious 5 Star Italian villa overlooking the stunning coastline of the Adriatic Sea. Set amidst rolling hills, olive groves and ancient vineyards and just 10 minutes from the coast. Villa Olivo has been beautifully crafted to the highest standards, with 6 King-size ensuite bedrooms, its own spa, gym, heated infinity pool and over 600 square metres of living space.


Your Bedroom

Each of Villa Olivo's six large, blissful double bedrooms have been crafted and designed with its own personality. All equally spacious and well-appointed with en-suite bathrooms and a private terrace or balcony complete with panoramic views of the surrounding hills and the Adriatic sea.

Spa, gym and pool

This all-year-round villa has a huge heated infinity pool overlooking the beautiful views of olive groves and the Adriatic sea. The indoor spa is beautifully appointed with a 6-seater jacuzzi, a steam room, sauna and a shower 'emotional' (with scented water) helping you achieve ultimate relaxation. You can also work out in the fully equipped fitness centre with stunning sea views and the latest techno gym equipment.

Living Space

Designed to be your home-away-from-home where you can relax, play and eat in true Italian Style. Villa Olivo is a rare mix of open plan living with several secluded spaces, inside and out, where if you want to get away from it all, you can have uninterrupted time away.


Kitchen & Dining

Designed for the real foodie, Villa Olivo has the most incredibly appointed kitchen and is donned with many inspiring indoor and outdoor eating spaces as well as a huge gas barbecue. In any case, you will be enjoying freshly prepared incredibly tasty and authentic Italian food from morning until evening. We will be offering only organic food and be mindful of any of your dietary needs (gluten-free and vegan options available).


A week with us:

Saturday, 12th of September, 2020: Arrival at the Olivieto Estate

We open check-in from 4pm and soon you will enjoy your first tasty Italian dinner. In between you get to enjoy free-time with your partner. Explore your beautiful private bedroom (with ensuite bathroom), a breathtaking view over the Adriatic coast, a tennis court, an incredible SPA area and the heated outside pool which is all for you to use to slowly land in paradise. After dinner we will start with our first session where you will experience a signature welcome ceremony. You'll get to know the other couples and we will set our intentions for the week ahead.


Day 1: Opening Up
Gently and slowly we will start opening ourselves up for the week ahead. Through diffe-rent exercises and teachings around the healthy masculine and feminine, you start letting go of your day-to-day life to dive deeper into your sacred couple space. We'll start to naturally uncover areas of your relationship that you would like to work on and dive deeper into your heart's longings to understand where you want to take this journey to as an individual as well as a couple. You will also be able to enjoy all of the good this luxurious estate has to offer


Day 2: Relational Intelligence

Successful relating is probably one of the hardest things. That is why we have to become masters in it. On this day you will broaden your understanding of relationship dynamics, relation-ship challenges as well as their potential. We'll share with you the many tools and concepts that will help you uplevel your relationship game big time! We will also introduce a powerful method we have created to work through any issue your relationship will bring to the table. You will deeply realise the purpose of relationships and how you can turn your demons into powerful servants

Day 3: The Art of Eroticism

Once the honeymoon period is over, we tend to lose the spark, eros, the things that makes us feel most alive. Many couples remain stuck in day-to-day life where it is only about practicalities anymore. How can you bring that spark back? What does it take to feel that spark again and how can you actually sustain it? Are you ready to fall all over in love with your partner? An important part of creating more eros in your relationship is the understanding of sexual polarity that creates strong sexual attraction between you and your partner. In the evening we will delight you with a signature "awakening of the senses" ritual where you will feel sparks flying all over the place. Together we will bring back and reawaken the juice that makes your relationship thrive. 

Day 4: Conscious Sexuality

Did you know that your sexuality is one of the most powerful instruments to leverage in a relationship? What does conscious lovemaking actually mean? Where do fear or shame block you to live fully? How can you leverage sexual energy for passionate creation? We'll help you remove barriers that block you and your partner from a fulfilled, sensual and free expression of your longings.


Experience the power of a sharing circle where you are welcome with everything you are. You will be held in a safe and sacred space and guided by Aleah and Dan to wherever it is you need to go to experience real transformation and healing. Discover the beauty and power of sacred sexuality where you broaden your understanding of deeply fulfilling sex and energy-sublimation. The evening session is another yet to be revealed in-room session with your partner (we just love surprises! If you don't, reach deeply into your pocket of trust and surrender to the possibility of the unknown.)

Day 5: The Orgasmic Body

How can we feel more and become more alive? What does it take to experience life embodied instead of mostly from the head? We'll awaken your natural longing for pleasure and you will get techniques to activate and open your body to experience powerful states in love-making. You will also learn about peak-orgasms (where you lose your sexual energy) and no-peak orgasms that give you more vitality and spiritual expansion. Expect to be blown away by how much your body can actually respond once we have cleaned out anything that is still holding you back. You will experience a level of vulnerability that will get you to open up like never before. 

Day 6: Conscious relating, needs and boundaries

Learn all the do's and dont's for a successful relationship with your partner. You'll be exploring your relationship manifesto and your newly found commitment to your partner and family. Nothing is as important as to align your values and understand each others needs and boundaries and how to whole-heartedly make your partner happy. We will also integrate and celebrate everything we have worked on during the week. 

PS: After dinner, we will sometimes have evening sessions packed with beautiful surprises! You can expect to be blown away by the uniqueness of our approach and look forward to many great and wonderful experiences! We do not want to reveal all the goodies we have planned for you but you will surely be taken into an "out-of-the-ordinary" world!

Your departure:

The course will end at 1pm on Saturday. Until then we spend the time celebrating everything we have learned about ourselves and our partner in this week. We will also integrate it in a way that makes the experience round for you. You will leave with an uplifted, grateful and deeply satisfying feeling that will carry you through the next couple of months with a new understanding and appreciation of your union. Please make sure you book your flight late enough so you don't have to leave early as integration is an important part of this kind of journey. 

exclusively for 5 couples only

Only One Date in 2020
Don't miss your spot, enquire now:

Getting Here,

Dates & Logistics

The Villa Olivo is located 10 minutes from the sea-side near Ancona. The easiest way to get there is by flying to Ancona Airport. You can, however, also fly to Pescara (1 hour 35 mins drive), Rimini Airport (1 hour 30 mins drive), Bologna Airport (2 hour 30 mins drive) or Rome Airport (3 hour drive). We will be happy to assist you with airport transfer.

Dates & Duration

The Royal Couple's Retreat is a 6 full days and 7 nights long retreat. It will start on Saturday, September 12th (check-in opens at 4pm) and ends on Saturday, September 19th, 2020 at 2pm. Please make sure you book your flight late enough on your day of departure.

The Core Values

Of The Royal Path Are:




To stand in one’s truth.

Understanding the heart’s deepest longings,

needs and desires


Taking 100% responsibility for what is NOT working in life:

relationships, sexuality, money, health and purpose


Pro-actively seeking growth and healing wounds

instead of waiting for life to deliver the wake-up calls


By healing ourselves, we become a catalyst for inspiring other people

to heal as well (leading by example)


Walking the talk by continuous practice

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