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The Royal Path Presents: 

The Queen

A 7 day deep dive into Creating Your Queendom

with Aleah Ava & Team

We cordially invite you to spend

an entire week amongst women

to step shamelessly into

your unique feminine essence,

heal your mother wound

and create your queendom.


June 27th - July 4th , 2020


(Exact Location will be announced soon)

"You were wild once.

Don't let them tame you."

(Isadora Duncan)

Would You Like To Learn How To:

Step into the most vibrant, alive and loving version of yourself?


Lead from the heart using your innate inner compass - your heart, sex & soul?

Turn your pain into your portal that allows you to give your gifts to the world?

Overcome shame about who you are, how you look or feel?

Awaken the orgasmic goddess within?

Embody the best feminine qualities?

Give love, appreciation and approval to yourself?

Stop competing and comparing with other women?

Be unapologetically YOU?


Because A Queen In Her Power

Shares Immeasurable

And Much Needed Gifts With The World Around Her:



Love - her first language:

"What would love do?" is what drives her. Her decisions are based on love not fear. 

Sovereignty - she owns her queendom:

She takes 100% responsibility for what is NOT working in her life

and does not solely rely on her "knight in shining armour" to save her.

She stands in her truth and understands her heart’s deepest longings, needs and desires.

Vulnerability - she speaks from the softness of her heart:

She is not afraid of showing her true emotions in a way that creates connection

rather than disconnection.

Empathy & Compassion - she knows her pain and the pain of others:

By healing herself and leading by example she becomes a catalyst for inspiring other people

to heal as well and brings the much needed empathy and compassion for others

to show themselves as well.

Beauty, Radiance and Attraction - she uses it for good not for manipulation:

She knows of her power, but does not abuse it to get,

but rather to give it as a gift to the world around her.

Surrender - she is accepting of what is:

She becomes more comfortable in emotional discomfort and does not regulate

or shy away from emotional upheaval.

Intuition - she knows that her body is her compass: 

Her deep innate wisdom is what guides her.

She listens to the voice within and does not ignore it to please others.

"It’s about emotional maturity and truly owning

who You are in your heart, pussy and soul."

Your Investment

The price includes:


for 7 nights

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Workshop, Meditations,

Teachings & Coachings

Outdoor Activities

Surprises &

Welcome Package

Not included:

Travel costs

EUR 2'020

Why should you work with us?


All members of our team are deeply curious and courageous beings. We have walked and are con-tinuously walking the path of healing and growth for almost 2 decades now and it has brought us to the deepest of the deepest waters.

We know about everything we teach from our own experiences and having gone that deep ourselves is what allows us today to not only show you the short-cut, but to take you deep with us. We have an incredible capacity to guide you through the most challenging feelings and help you expand your comfort zone as we are holding a safe and loving space for you to explore wherever it is that you need to go. We never let you sit on emotional discomfort but instead offer very clear and powerful ways for you to work through any upheaval you or your partner might experience. Your personal boundaries will be respected at all times and we will never push you to go to places you are not open or willing to go. We undoubtedly work on the basis of consent and respect and empower your NO always.

But please, do not take it from us, hear it from our clients:

"Aleah doesn’t just listen, she connects wholeheartedly with your story and your emotions.

Her energy calms you, and once you are calm and ready to listen and move forwards,

she uses her experiential wisdom and natural empowering spirit to enable you

to guide yourself through the most challenging of times and situations."

Kate B., Piano Teacher
York, United Kingdom

The Retreat addresses the following elements:

Mastering Self-Love:

Working through the pain of feeling unloved to unlock shameless self-love.



Overcoming shame about who you are, your body, your sexuality and your essence.


Mother Wound:

Developing or deepening the understanding of how the mother wound affects 

your ability to love and be loved in return.

Turning your pain into your power:

Once we learn what has left us wounded and heal and integrate these parts,

we can transform that pain into our power.


Standards & Boundaries:

Understanding what keeps us from having healthy standards and boundaries in tact.


Overcoming neediness:

Learning the difference between getting your needs met instead of becoming needy

in hope for someone to make you feel better.


Queens Qualities and the toxic vs. the healthy Feminine:

Learning and embodying healthy feminine qualities and letting go of the masculine shield

by learning to trust and embody the healthy feminine.


Feminine Sexuality:

Healing abuse and shame around your sexuality in order to claim

and embody your ecstatic goddess.

and much more....


If you are ready to:

Stop compromising with men and the world and

instead speak and live your truth ruthlessly...


Start or continue working on healing the most profound

wound we all carry; the mother wound...

Stop reacting from fear and instead let love be the ruler...

Finally love and accept your body and being...

Heal shame and fear around your sexuality and

instead enjoy the orgasmic goddess that you are...​

Step into the healthy feminine and live life

from the core of your very being?

Stop chasing after love and instead be and

invite love naturally...

Be the biggest, boldest and most

empowered version of yourself...

Then see you Queens in Italy

for a week of absolute MAGIC!

Apply now at:

Please meet my wonderful team

two gorgeous queens:

Ayana Aversa, Spaceholder & Facilitator of Ceremonies 

Ayana is a DANCEmandala Facilitator and Cacaoista. She found her purpose in the combination of conscious ecstatic dance and cacao ceremonies. While music was always the way to get in touch with her emotions, she found stillness and peace in the outdoors. 

Her passion for personal development and the strong believe in nature’s healing power, led her to the world of plant medicines, where she trained and learned how to dive deep in the subconscious, transforming pain and fear into compassion and gratitude. With her dance training she deepened her sense for free-form movement and meditation. She learned how to create sacred space, where people feel safe to share their truth, to fully express and explore themselves. 

Anca Onac, Spaceholder & Chief Organisation Officer

Anca Onac is our Chief Organisation Officer, responsible for all things administration and organisation. Anca is Dan Hart's longterm partner and a graduate of our signature King's & Queens retreat. She is very passionate about personal growth and very dedicated to her own healing process and spiritual practice.

Her spirit is playful, loving and she has an incredible capacity for people's stories. She is a true giver and her humble heart often helps people to easily open up about their pain and longings. Anca also assists Aleah in specific mini-retreats specifically designed for our clients where she brings in a sweet sensuality, burning aliveness and deep femininity that inspires our becoming queens very deeply. People just love her sweet spirit!