“You have been doing this alone for

way too long!”

The number one thing that helped me overcome my love addiction was to leverage the triggers by feeling the feelings behind it instead of acting them out. However, there was one all-deciding difference;


I exposed my feelings and my needy, obsessive, compulsive, neurotic side to someone else when working through it. At first, it was the most challenging thing to do, but after a while, I understood the incredible power of exposure. 


Being seen and validated in our pain and not being judged for any of it, is the biggest gift one can receive. It means pure LOVE and gives us a deep feeling of being seen, validated and worthy. 


Most of us have lost the ability to share and express how we feel a long time ago. When we were little, there was no one we could turn to with all that we felt or anyone that would hold a loving, non-intrusive space for us. As children, we had no one and nowhere to go with our feelings. It left us feeling deeply alone and isolated and we still carry these feelings even today in our adult life.


This is about innocence, integrity and a deep longing of wanting to serve. It’s about helping each other heal without wanting to fix each other, without giving in to our ego wanting to coach, guide or teach someone else, so we feel more significant. 


This is how we overcome Love Addiction. Instead of acting out the obsession, the neediness, the compulsions in unconscious ways (by stalking him, checking out where he is, calling too many times, always being the first one to reach out, waiting for his call, etc.), we leverage the triggers instead. This goes for both women who are single as well as for women who are in a relationship. Feeling instead of acting out will significantly benefit the relationship you are in.


I see myself in you

and it scares the shit

out of me. But I also

know that you are my healing too...

"I know that all you want is to be loved, not just today,

but also tomorrow. There is only one problem. 

There is someone you have to fall in love with first!

And that someone is YOU.

You’ve got to do the work first."




                  Aleah Ava





Do you ever:


* Jump into the next relationship because it is hard for you to be on your own?


* Lower your standards because you fear that you won’t be loved otherwise?


* Ignore the red flags?


* Have troubles letting go of relationships even though you wanted to?


* Attract the wrong partners?


* NOT express your true feelings?


* Come across as needy and repel your partner with your behavior?


Are you ready to break free from unhealthy love and instead feel uplifted, inspired, alive and deeply loved, but you don’t know how to get there? The Healing Pool will get you there and you will have me in your corner! 


I have been there over and over again so i created something that will get you out of that!

Let me introduce you to THE HEALING POOL


I founded The Healing Pool because I wanted to create a short-cut for those who face the same battles!

When you have someone next to you, playing in your team, cheering for you and guiding you on your journey back into the deepest wisdom and the language of your heart, you can turn around anything. 


The Healing Pool will support you in remembering who you are and what love truly looks like. It will give you structure and guidance and you won’t ever have to do it alone anymore. The moment you join, you’ll be part of a community that walks the same path as you do

Get a taste for what it's like to work with Aleah in the following video:






A 46-page workbook designed  specifically to tackle step I in recovery called "creating awareness".

It will be the first thing you will work through to support you stepping out of obsessive love into




In this work, our community will be crucial. Under my clear guidance, you will help each other heal the wounds that make you act in destructive ways. This is where you meet people who understand what you are going through.

2 x 2-hour Live Group Coaching Calls per month

Twice per month you’ll have the opportunity to bring your questions to our live Group Coaching Call via zoom.


You’ll learn from others and others will learn from you.




 A 2-hour Online Training on the Trigger/Feeling work called Emotional Recycling


This training will build the basis for everything we will be doing in the Group Coaching Calls.




Each month you’ll receive a precious nugget to ponder on, helping you to become more clear about your own truth.

It will support

you on your path

to recovery.


In your personal letter, I'll address the current state of your recovery. I will provide you with helpful feedback, important things to consider and I'll add extra tips around your healing journey.



How about you finally found a place where you can come to just the way you are? With your feelings, your thoughts, your challenges? Where there won't be anyone, trying to fix you or tell you what you should do unless you ask for it? I’ve been looking for a space like that for a long time, and instead of hoping that there is such a place, I just created it



The Healing Pool is for you, if  you want to:


overcome your unhealthy dependency on love


* re-learn how to connect with your feelings


* help each other heal


* live a life in a state of empowerment 


* stop pretending and get real


* become less dependent on outside attention and approval and


* ultimately move on from unfulfilling relationships to create a life you truly love and deserve

The Healing Pool is reserved for only 8 committed people and we start at the 1st of August 2019. When it comes to healing, commitment is EVERYTHING. I will be all in and I will give you my heart and soul and I expect the same from you in return. 

Need some more details?

When signing up, you commit to:

- A minimum of 4 months participation in the Healing Pool (after that you are free to end our agreement)

- Making the Group Coaching Calls one of your top priorities in life, so you'll do whatever it takes to participate in them

- Paying EUR 350 per month to receive all of the mentioned above (payment in USD or CHF available)

The Healing Pool really is for those who take their recovery serious but maybe cannot afford personal coaching with me. It’s the very next best thing to working with me one-on-one. 

AND, it’s also for those who want to become part of an amazing group of people
who hold each other accountable, who support and who are willing to walk the path of recovery “no matter what”!!

Please contact me at: where I ask you to also answer the following questions:

- Why do you want to become part of the Healing Pool
- Are you ready to show up fully for the entire 4 months?
- Are you ready to make this a top priority in your life?

If you are ready to apply now, please send me an email or leave me a message below:

By using this form you Consent to the Use and Storage of your Personal Information.

Check out Aleah Ava's Book:

"Are you sure it's love?

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