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Highly Transformative Personal Growth &

Healing Retreats with Aleah Ava

The Royal Path Retreat Experience ♛ 

Kings & Queens Level I

OCTOBER 19-26, 2019

Perugia, Umbria, ITALY

"Royal Path Retreats are a time-out from the mundane

world and a deep dive into personal growth and healing

for both couples and individuals who aspire to

take their life and relationships to the next level."

"I have done many, many different therapies before and I’m a practiced therapist myself, and I tell you it’s not easy to find people who can guide you deeper into your core and help you let go of those really painful and shameful things that are hidden in the deepest of depth. Aleah can. With her compassion, clarity and simple holding to the truth, she is the perfect guide on the journey from darkness to light. I’m truly impressed with her work."

Ingunn Tennbakk
Writer, Coach, and Healer.

The core values of the Royal Path are:




To stand in one’s truth. Understanding the heart’s deepest longings, needs and desires


Taking 100% responsibility for what is NOT working in life: relationships, sexuality, money, health and purpose


Pro-actively seeking growth and healing wounds instead of waiting for life to deliver the wake-up calls


By healing ourselves, we become a catalyst for inspiring other people to heal as well (leading by example)


Walking the talk by continuous practice.

The Retreat addresses the following elements:

               Trigger Work:

               Leveraging the incredible value of triggers

to get to the feelings behind


               Decoding Drama and Mastery of Feelings:

               Learning to conduct and own one’s feelings instead of

unconsciously acting-out (becoming an Emotional Recycler)



               Getting in touch with one’s own vulnerability

with the support of a safe container



               Getting out of the head into the body


               Kings & Queens Qualities:

               Learning and embodying healthy

masculine and feminine qualities


               Introduction into Sacred Sexuality:

               Transforming shallow sex into

more sacred sexual experiences


               Increasing the quality of relating:

               Improving the art of non-violent communication


               Shift in perception:

               “am I really getting everything I want?” to “am

I really giving everything that I have got?”

Schedule (subject to change based on facilitators intuition):

Retreat Experiences:


Opening UP:
Different painful and sometimes even traumatic events in life have left us with wounds that have often not been addressed properly. Naturally we store these emotions in our subconscious. When not addressing such wounds, these pent-up feelings amplify, meaning they become bigger and start living a life of their own. They often come out in unhealthy and unconscious ways where we create more hurt and separation mostly to the people we are closest to. To cope with the pain, we have built up a defense system that ensures to regulate these feelings. When we start working with the pain and the wounds, we carefully have to start letting that defense-system down. There are different exercises designed to help that process of opening up such as breath work for example. In the beginning of the retreat we go through different exercises that help us let go of our defenses. 



Nourishing Activities:

The moment we start addressing pain and wounds we become open and raw and our nervous system gets agitated. To avoid an overload of the nervous system, we engage in nourishing activities that help calm the nervous system down. In this way we can ensure that it never gets “too much” where we feel we cannot handle our emotional state.


Burn Meditations:

Burn Meditations are meditations that allow us to express what is moving inside ourselves. The meditation is an outlet of feelings such as anger, rage, sadness or hopelessness.


Men’s & Women’s Work:

This work is meant to transform the toxic feminine and masculine into the healthy feminine and masculine.


Toxic vs. healthy Feminine:


Selfishness, drama, sabotaging, jealousy, withholding, punishment and blame 




Humility, contentment, affection, compassion, patience, empathy and love 


Toxic vs. healthy Masculine:


Repressed or uncontrolled anger/aggression, indecision, weakness, self-loathing, intimidation, recklessness




Strength, confidence, assertiveness, dignity, endurance, decisiveness, focus, presence, consciousness etc.



"It’s about transforming a state of fear,

anger, greed, pride and hate into

balance, integrity, power, wisdom and love."

The retreat will offer specific activities and exercises that support the learning and expression of the healthy masculine and feminine. 




  1. Shadow work (such as for example channeling/transforming aggression or rage into something constructive)

  2. Work around shame, guilt or sexual repression

  3. Exercises to promote a state of vulnerability and surrender

If you are ready to:

Take your relationship skills to a new level where you practice to love from a place of maturity and compassion instead of neurosis and dependency?


Get out of your head and into your body and discover and step deeper into your truth?

Learn the art of Emotional Recycling: Stop the many subtle and unconscious ways we are acting out in relation-ships and instead learn to feel (not suffer) and be vulnerable to create more intimacy and trust?

Create deep sexual and emotional intimacy with your partner?

Step into the healthy masculine/feminine and live life from the core of your very being?

Heal some of your wounds to increase your emotional threshold (and therewith increase your ability to hold   space for others)?


Open up the world of sacred sexuality that will become a powerful tool for both healing and growth?

Learn to balance healthy autonomy vs. healthy symbiosis?

Then see you in Italy for a week of absolute MAGIC!

Apply now at: