The Royal Path Presents: 


A personal growth and deep healing retreat in beautiful Italy

with Aleah Ava, Dan Hart & Team

"Kings & Queens Is A Return To Love,

To The Language Of Your Heart."

We cordially invite you 

to unique and exclusive

personal growth & deep healing

retreat in beautiful Italy.

Only 1 Date In 2020:

October 24 - 31

Agriturismo Il Corniolo

Perugia, Umbria, Italy

Is this You?

You long for real connection

with yourself and others?

You want to re-learn how to truly feel

instead of acting your pain out in the world

and the people around you?

You want to address and overcome shame and fear 

to finally stop compromising who you are in the world?

You want to leverage

the incredible power of healthy anger?

You want to listen to your inner child

to start considering its needs and wants

and no longer ignore it?


You are looking for amazing people

to do the much needed deep inner healing

and shadow work?

We have got

you covered!


Because Healing Is No

Longer Optional...


What Kings & Queens Is all About...


"Let's say you were growing up in an environment where there is trauma in the household,

alcoholism, family conflict or inflamed relationships...

When we don't have the tools to process our emotions in a given moment,

that becomes a memory that's not full formed. 

We end up seeing ourselves and the world around us as if we are still 4 years of age

in an environment where there is just conflict and trauma and drama.

We filter and therefore feel that again and again, 

every time colours, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings get triggered - boom,

we react as if that memory were going on for the first time.

You can attempt to outrun the subconscious mind - but you can't,

you have to turn around and face it.

You gotta see the problem as the portal. And recognise that these symptoms
stressors (triggers) are meaningful and brilliantly intelligent in waking us up."

(Netflix Movie; Heal)

This excerpt from the movie Heal on Netflix could not describe our mission better. We all see how this world is in desperate need to heal and we believe that it starts with us as individuals. The entire world and we human beings are sitting on an ocean of unfelt, unintegrated feelings as we are so used to repress them. We have lost "access" to our feelings a long time ago. Repression of difficult feelings, however, does not make them go away. To the contrary, it actually amplifies them. In some way or another, they have to come out and that is often in very unconscious and hurtful ways where we end up creating disconnection to the people we love. 

In this deep healing retreat we re-learn how to safely feel our feelings instead of repressing them or acting them out in unconscious ways. We learn to become vulnerable again and we learn how valuable and important it is to feel, express and expose them. It is a game-changer and will save any and all of your relationships!

"I have done many, many different therapies before and I’m a practiced therapist myself, and I tell you it’s not easy to find people who can guide you deeper into your core and help you to let go of those really painful and shameful things that are hidden in the deepest of depth. Aleah can. With her compassion, clarity and simple holding to the truth, she is the perfect guide on the journey from darkness to light. I’m truly impressed with her work."

Ingunn Tennbakk
Writer, Coach and Healer.

But it is not just that!

"When we look at the world, we are actually operating through the subconscious mind.

The programs and the subconscious mind primarily came from downloading other peoples behaviourYour mother, your father, your community, in the first seven years of life. 

We are essentially an open sponge to the world, absorbing the patterns from all of those people

we are exposed to and surrounded with. So if we had caregivers who were really conscious and

have learned to manage their emotions and heal their hurts in a healthy way, that's

a really good thing. Very few people I know were blessed enough to come from those families."

(Netflix Movie; Heal)

This basically means that who we are today is a product of our conditioning. And keeps us from living in our true essence. We have to find the way back to our soul and being so we can live a life that is in alignment with who we truly are. Kings & Queens will help you step into that version of yourself, by letting go anything that YOU ARE NOT. It is the deepest and wildest ride you will ever have experienced and that's a promise!


Want to know more about what we will be doing in this week? Scroll further down for an outline of how the week will look like! If you prefer the short version, keep reading:

We Will Teach You The 5 Keys

To Deep Inner Healing:

Letting Go Of Defences


Exposure Work

Emotional Recycling© 


Your Investment

The price includes:


(7 nights)

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Workshop, Meditations,

Teachings & Coachings

Outdoor Activities


Not included:

Travel costs

EUR 2'500/person

Why This Is Worth Your Investment...


Every Kings & Queens Workshop is reserved for exclusively 7 participants. We choose this amount of people consciously as it is the only way it allows us to truly take care of you on your individual journey. The structure of the workshop will be fine-tuned to those specific 7 participants that will join us and in this way we can truly give you that signature deep healing experience.

Why You Will Love Working With US...


All members of our team are deeply curious and courageous beings. We have walked and are conti-nuously walking the path of healing and growth for almost 2 decades now and it has brought us to the deepest of the deepest waters.

We know about everything we teach from our own experiences and having gone that deep ourselves is what allows us today to not only show you the short-cut, but to take you deep with us. We have an incredible capacity to guide you through the most challenging feelings and help you expand your comfort zone as we are holding a safe and loving space for you to explore wherever it is that you need to go. We never let you sit on emotional discomfort but instead offer very clear and powerful ways for you to work through any upheaval you or your partner might experience. Your personal boundaries will be respected at all times and we will never push you to go to places you are not open or willing to go. We undoubtedly work on the basis of consent and respect and empower your NO always.

But please, do not take it from us, hear it from our clients:

Ask yourself this:

Are you looking for a deeply moving experience that will shift the way

you look at people and their behaviour once and for all?

Would you like to finally feel life in its totality again?

Feel the good, the difficult and orgasmic bliss?

Are you ready to break free from the conditioned you that is used to compromise

and bend and instead step into the boldest version of yourself?

Are you ready to choose YOU?

Choosing myself is

the best choice ever!

Are you ready to Join us in Italy for a truly 

unique and powerful experience? 

Then feel free to get in touch as applications 

are now open:

We can't wait to spend this time with you!

Reach out today:

Aleah Ava & Dan Hart

Creators of


Emotional Liberation & 

Signature Deep Healing Retreats

Want to know more? Read on...

The Retreat addresses

the following elements:

Trigger Work:

Leveraging the incredible value of triggers to get to the feelings behind


Decoding Drama and Mastery of Feelings:

Learning to conduct and own one’s feelings instead of unconsciously act-out

(becoming an Emotional Recycler)


Getting in touch with one’s own vulnerability

with the support of a safe container


Getting out of the head into the body

Kings & Queens Qualities:

Learning and embodying healthy masculine and feminine qualities


Inner Child:

Learning about and understanding how the wounded inner child

sabotages our (love) life and relationships

Conscious Anger Work

Expressing and owning your anger in a healthy way is crucial

if you want to feel life force energy and work with it

A week with us:

Saturday, Arrival At Il Corniolo

We open check-in from 4pm and soon you will enjoy your first tasty Italian dinner. In between you get to enjoy free-time where you can enjoy the nature or the pool area. After dinner we will start with our first session where we will dive into our code of honour and our intention for the week ahead. You will also get to know the team and your new friends.


Day 1: Opening UP
Gently and slowly we will start opening ourselves up for the week ahead. Through teachings and exercises we look at our defence mechanisms, experience our first breath work session as well as active meditation. We will also open up the sharing circle, where Aleah and Dan will work with you individually in the circle so you can start your very personal journey on the very first day.


Day 2: Shame, Fear & Vulnerability

This might sound intense for you, but trust me, once people are in our field, they drop deeper so naturally and the souls start calling out, longing for the things to be said, to be shared, to be overcome. We all carry so much shame around who we are. We are afraid to be who we are and being vulnerable has not always brought us positive experiences. On this day you will get an entirely new understanding of these three words and you will quickly see how much of a quality vulnerability really is.

Day 3: Inner Child

The inner child represents innocence, joy, wonder, awe, playfulness, sensitivity and other such qualities. But the inner child also carries with it childhood fears, traumas, hurt and anger. As adults, we may be convinced we have ‘moved on’ and left our childhood selves behind. We may even judge our childhood selves harshly for being sensitive or innocent. However, when we deny our inner child, we are controlled by it. This happens unconsciously. The adult, despite their best intentions, is not able to self-direct their own lives and make good choices. Instead, they are guided by their wounded, hurt, angry, fearful and rejected inner child. This day will be dedicated to our inner child and you will be impressed by what it has to share with you.

Day 4: Anger & Pain

Most of us have a very twisted relationship with anger due to the fact that we have not learned the healthy expression of anger where we are not hurting another being. We have often come across very 'unowned' type of anger where it was thrown at us as an act-out of mostly our parents at first. Naturally our connection to anger is pretty tainted as it has left huge marks on us and as a result of such experiences most of us have either shut anger down completely, repress it, deny it or fear it. Others might get angry very easily and repeat the very same behavior they themselves have often experienced negatively. This day will be dedicated to shifting our understanding about anger, to owning our anger and to healthily express it.

In the evening we will separate into women's and men's group as we will be spending the next day separate.

Day 5: The Healthy Masculine And Feminine

How can we feel more and become more alive? What does it take to experience life embodied instead of mostly from the head? We'll awaken your natural longing for pleasure and you will get techniques to activate and open your body to experience powerful states in love-making. You will also learn about peak-orgasms (where you lose your sexual energy) and no-peak orgasms that give you more vitality and spiritual expansion. Expect to be blown away by how much your body can actually respond once we have cleaned out anything that is still holding you back. You will experience a level of vulnerability that will get you to open up like never before. 

Dinner on this day will transform into the "Royal Dinner" where the Kings & Queens will meet again. A delightful dinner and party with conscious exercises awaits you! We will all dress up and meet ourselves again in the most beautiful expression of the healthy masculine and feminine.

Day 6: The Chair

The Chair is a secret day that we will not reveal at this point. But trust us when we say that it is a suitable conclusion of the week we have experienced together.

Your departure:

The course will end at 1pm on Saturday. Until then we spend the time celebrating everything we have learned about ourselves and our partner in this week. We will also integrate it in a way that makes the experience round for you. You will leave with an uplifted, grateful and deeply satisfying feeling that will carry you through the next couple of month with a new understanding and appreciation of your union. Please make sure you book your flight late enough so you don't have to leave early as integration is an important part of this kind of journey. 

This structure serves only one purpose; to guide you into your triggers. You are at all times free to express and bring up whatever is relevant for you in a given moment. 

Are You Ready To:

Take your relationship skills to a new level 

where you practice to love from a place of maturity and compassion

instead of neurosis and dependency?


Get out of your head and into your body and discover

and step deeper into your truth?

Learn the art of Emotional Recycling:

Stop the many subtle and unconscious ways we are acting out

in relationships and instead learn to feel (not suffer)

and be vulnerable to create more intimacy and trust?

Step into the healthy masculine/feminine and live life

from the core of your very being?

Heal some of your core wounds to increase your emotional threshold

(and therewith increase your ability to hold space for others)?

Than Don't Miss Your Spot,

Enquire Now:

Exclusively For 7 Participants Only

Only One Date In 2020

Your Home For A Week

Agriturismo Il Corniolo is a beautiful and wonderfully charming agriturismo in the middle of nature owned by a real Perugian family. It is only a stone's throw from the historic center of Perugia. All seven apartments are fully furnished and equipped with private entrance. The workshop space is nestled in green and nature's energy is very much helping and grounding for our week-long journey. All previous King's & Queen's have been held here and we chose to come back precisely for the incredible power this place has brought for us. If you are passionate about nature you can enjoy tranquility and relaxation, thanks to the greenery that surrounds the agritourism. It is nested in the middle of fields and woods where you can take pleasant walks. 


Italian's Kitchen

We will be serving you a nourishing breakfast, a light lunch and a tasty authentic 3-course Italian dinner throughout your stay. All day long you will have water, tea, coffee, fruits and nuts at your convenience. Dietary Options will be available (vegan, gluten-free).


Getting Here,

Dates & Logistics

Agriturismo Il Corniolo is located 5 minutes from the Perugia train station. The easiest way to get there is by flying directly to Perugia Airport (only from London). You can, however, also fly to Florence Airport (2 hour drive), Rome Airport (3 hour drive) or Pisa Airport (3 hour drive). We will be happy to assist you with airport transfer.

The Core Values

Of The Royal Path Are:




To stand in one’s truth.

Understanding the heart’s deepest longings,

needs and desires


Taking 100% responsibility for what is NOT working in life:

relationships, sexuality, money, health and purpose


Pro-actively seeking growth and healing wounds

instead of waiting for life to deliver the wake-up calls


By healing ourselves, we become a catalyst for inspiring other people

to heal as well (leading by example)


Walking the talk by continuous practice

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