"Become The Person You Are Most Excited About!"

"Become The Person You Are Most Excited About!"

I am Aleah Ava. I am a Personal Growth, Deep Healing and Relationship Coach, helping not only couples and individuals but also entrepreneurs and CEO's work through the inevitable deep inner healing work we all are called to step up for.


As a transformational Coach and Mediator and through my method Emotional Recycling, I help you navigate through the challenging triggers and feelings arising from unresolved wounds and experiences to integrate them in a way that sustainably promotes positive change


My area of expertise evolves around trigger, feeling and shadow work, emotional growth and liberation, relationship mastery, female empowerment and Love Addiction.

Outstanding Coaching.

Exceptional Transformation.

"Because healing is

no longer optional..."



Aleah Ava

I have undergone intense and prolonged deep feeling therapy myself to heal and integrate the wounds of my childhood. It was me doing more than 15 years (and counting) of dedicated personal growth and healing work that enables me to take you to the depth of your soul. My approach is highly intuitive, non-judgmental, safe and loving and promotes trust and vulnerability. 


Being a recovering Love Addict myself, motivated me to create the Addicted to Love Podcast where I shed light and immeasurable insight into one of the most controversial topics Love (Addiction). I support my listeners in breaking denial, creating a high level of awareness and I share with them the powerful and successful tools that helped me break free from dysfunctional, unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships.  


I am the co-founder of The Royal Path, a contemporary deep healing and emotional growth and liberation company. Together with my Business Partner, Dan Hart and our team, we offer signature deep healing retreats as well as individual, group and couples coaching/mediation


Our first book will be released in early summer 2020 and will be available in audio, print and digital version. By mid 2020 we will be ready with supportive online programs that will allow you to partly work on your own to support you even better on your journey. 

You & I are a great match if you want to:

  • Take your healing journey to the next level and start living from the
    essence of who you truly are (without the shame and the fear)

  • Safely feel your feelings and become more alive and vibrant by the minute

  • Liberate yourself from recurring difficult emotional states or destructive behaviour

  • Master the way you relate with the people around you and create
    real heart-centred connection

  • Break free from the unhealthy need of outside love, appreciation & approval
    and instead become your very own best raving fan (radical self-love)

  • Overcome Love Addiction and find healthy and mature love instead

  • Transform your intimate relationship into the best you have ever had

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"I've studied 

people, personal 

growth, love and 


my whole life. 

From my own trail 

of broken relationships, 

to our deepest 

wounds as well 

as the longings 

of our unmet needs, 

to our fears of 

intimacy or our 

inability to thrive 

and it has touched 

me so profoundly 

that I made it 

my calling."

Is it Love or is it Love Addiction?

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"What I have learned in all those years is that when we tap into our body and into the wisdom of our heart,

truly listening what it is

that we are feeling right now and

express that,

we feel deeply empowered

and we show

the highest

form of

integrity towards ourselves

& others. 

Aleah Ava

BSc Communications

University of Applied Sciences, Zurich

Check out Aleah Ava's Book:

"Are you sure it's love?

Aleah Ava is a shadow, feeling and trigger expert and a relationship & intimacy coach, helping individuals as well as couples facilitate the much needed deep inner healing work. As a coach and mediator she helps them navigate through the inevitable challenges love and relationships bring to the surface.


Her method - emotional recycling - allows the safe and conscious access to painful feelings that we usually tend to repress and deny, feel them and integrate them in a way that brings real transformation in how they do life and love.


Having under-gone intense and prolonged deep feeling therapy herself and therewith healing and integrating the wounds of her own childhood enables her to take people to the depth of their own soul while holding a non-judgmental, safe and loving space. 


Being a recovering Love Addict herself, motivated her to create the Addicted to Love Podcast where she sheds light and immeasurable insight into one of the most controversial topics Love Addiction-and dependency. She supports her listeners in breaking denial, creating a high level of awareness and she shares with them the powerful and successful tools that helped her break free from dysfunctional, unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships.  


She is the co-founder of The Royal Path and together with her Business Partner, Dan Hart, and their team, they offer signature deep healing retreats, individual, group and couples coaching as well as online programs. Their first book will be released in early summer 2020. 


BSc Communications

University of Applied Sciences, Zurich

2006 - 2010

Meditation, Personal Development & Emotional Healing 

6 months at the Osho Ashram in Pune, India. The time included the participation, training and staffing inner child work, childhood and sexual de-conditioning, Tantra seminars with Homa & Mukto, Mystic Rose Process, The Path of Love Retreat as well as the 'Women on the Path of Love' retreat. 2011/2012

Tantra Training Level 1 - 3

5 weeks at Osheanic, Brazil with Homa & Mukto. Participation and Training in various aspects of Tantra. Level I - Understanding and healing old wounds, exploring sexuality, sensitivity and personal power as well as the ability to love unconditionally. Level II - Exploring male and female energies, sexual polarity, deep relaxation and intimacy, learning about sex as a door to meditation, awareness and presence. Level 3 - Energy reading training that builds confidence in our intuition (including synchronicity, body awareness & touch) and learning to communicate from the heart space. 


Level 1 to 7 and the Women's Retreat with The New Tantra

Participation in seminars focused on sexual deconditioning, Advanced Sex, Sexual Completion, Trans-mission Training, Ego-Workshop, Sacred Rituals and Dark Retreat).


Organisation and Co-Facilitation of various 7-day long Childhood de-conditioning/Inner Child retreats alongside Puja Lepp, licensed counsellor and psychologist.

Intense Primal Therapy at the official Arthur Janov Primal Therapy Center in Los Angeles, CA with more than 120 open end sessions, diving deeply into her own childhood trauma. Her work is highly inspired by her awakening experience doing this deep feeling therapy. For the first 6 months she lived in Los Angeles to do the therapy on-site and continued for another 2.5 years online with the same therapist, David Lassoff, who currently is the Master Therapist at the center.

Certified Tantra Therapist (Lin Holmqvist Art Of Love) education in Tantra Therapy, trauma healing, wheel of consent, coaching modalities, NLP, meditation, body work, breath-work, de-armouring, sacred dance, ceremonial theatre, transfiguration, tantra massage, yoni, anus & lingam massage and tantric temple ceremonies.)

If you would like to get to know me, please send me a note and we take it from there!

Have a great day,

Aleah Ava


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