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"Discover The 

Language Of Your

Heart - Because LOVE does matter"

I've studied people, love and relationships my whole life. From my own trail of broken relationships, to our deepest wounds as well as the longings of our unmet needs, to our fears of intimacy or our inability to thrive and it has touched me so profoundly that I made it my calling.

What I have learned in all these years is that when we tap into our body and into the wisdom of our heart, truly listening what it is that we are feeling right now and express that, we feel deeply empowered and we show the highest form of integrity towards ourselves & others. When we become comfortable with our feelings and realize that they are indeed our compass for taking the right decisions, we start to take ownership of our life and from that place, everything becomes possible.

As a result from my own deep healing journey, I help couples and individuals navigate through the inevitable challenges love and relationships bring to the table. I actually just love to bring back the MAGIC to YOUR life!

You & I are a great match if you want to:

  • Take your relationship to the next level (reignite deep emotional and sexual intimacy

  • move on from the heartache of break-ups

  • let go of unfulfilling relationships

  • break free from the unhealthy need of outside love, appreciation & approval

  • stop attracting emotionally unavailable partners

  • become your very own best raving fan (radical self-love)

  • create a life you love & deserve (take ownership of your life)

What do you say? Are we a good match? If yes, I'd love to hear from you!

Aleah Ava

BSc Communications

University of Applied Sciences, Zurich

Check out Aleah Ava's Book:

"Are you sure it's love?

Aleah Ava is a love and relationship coach/mediator, helping individuals and couples navigate through the inevitable challenges and upheavals love and relationships (or the absence of it) bring to the table.


Being a recovering love addict herself, having under-gone intense deep feeling therapy, allowed her to deeply understand the differences between love and love addiction/dependency. The realisations of her own journey enables her to take people to the depth of their own soul, holding a non-judgmental loving space.

Aleah is an emotional recycler and feeling advocate, teaching about the importance of feelings - how to access AND feel them in a way that is not overloading the nervous system. In this way people learn to take full responsibility for how they feel instead of acting the repressed feelings out in unconscious and hurtful ways to the people we love.


She is the creator of the podcast Addicted to Love where she sheds light and immeasurable insight into one of the most difficult topics - LOVE. Aleah supports in breaking denial, creating a high level of awareness and she shares with them the powerful and successful tools that helped her break free from dysfunctional and unfulfilling relationships.

Currently Aleah is finishing up writing her first book Are You Sure It's Love that counts more than 500 preorders as of today. The book will be published in the next couple of months.


BSc Communications

University of Applied Sciences, Zurich

6 months at the Osho Ashram in Pune, India (participating, training and staffing in: Primal and sexual de-conditioning, Tantra with Homa & Mukto, Mystic Rose, The Path of Love & Women on the Path of Love)

5 Weeks Participation and Training in Tantra with Homa & Mukto at Osheanic in Brasil

Level 1 to 7 and the Women's Retreat with The New Tantra (Sexual de_conditioning, Advanced Sex, Sexual Completion, 

Transmission Training, Ego-Workshop, The Ritual and Dark Retreat)  

Organisation and Co-Facilitation of 8 Childhood de-conditioning retreats alongside an experienced psychologist

Intense Primal Therapy at the official
Arthur Janov Primal Therapy Center in Los Angeles, CA with more than 120 open end sessions, diving deeply into her own childhood trauma. Her work is highly inspired by her awakening experience doing this deep feeling therapy. For the first 6 months she lived in Los Angeles to do the therapy on-site and continues ever since online with the same therapist David Lassoff who currently is the Master Therapist at the center

I look forward to getting to know you! Let me know if I can be of any help.


                      Aleah Ava


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